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Form Follows Function: The Sofa of Polished Tubular Precision

Form Follows Function: The Sofa of Polished Tubular Precision

The world of furniture design has witnessed the creation of countless remarkable pieces over the years, but few can claim the same iconic status as the MO-77 Sofa.

Designed by visionary designer Marcel Olsen, the MO-77 Sofa has become a timeless symbol of modernist furniture design. Its clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative use of materials have made it a paragon of form following function.

The Role of Tubular Polished Steel in Furniture Design

At the heart of the exceptional design of the MO-77 Sofa lies the remarkable material known as tubular polished steel. Tubular steel, renowned for its strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal, has revolutionised the way we think about furniture. Through its use in the MO-77 Sofa, Marcel Olsen brought an exciting dimension to furniture design, combining artistry with functionality.

Let us delve into the evolution of tubular steel as a key material in design and its transformative influence on the structure and aesthetics of the MO-77 Sofa.

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The MO-77 Sofa: A Modern Design Masterpiece

Marcel Olsen: The Visionary Behind the MO-77 Sofa
Marcel Olsen, the visionary creator, meticulously fashioned the MO-77 Sofa into an enduring masterpiece that personifies sophistication and ingenuity. The sofa seamlessly integrates a tubular steel framework, luxurious leather or fabric upholstery, and a minimalist geometric design, firmly establishing its reputation as an emblem of Bauhaus-inspired modernism, highly sought after by discerning homeowners.
Historical Context: Emergence of Modernism

The MO-77 Sofa did not emerge in isolation but rather as a product of its time. To understand its significance, we need to place it within the broader historical context of the emergence of modernism.

The early 20th century was a period of rapid change, marked by urbanisation, technological advances, and a shifting societal landscape. Modernism, a cultural and artistic movement, reflected these changes and sought to break free from the traditions of the past, paving the way for the MO-77 Sofa and its sleek modernist design.

'Incorporating tubular steel into furniture design is like sculpting with strength and elegance – a material that blends timeless durability with a modern aesthetic.'

Marcel Olsen

Tubular Polished Steel: A Material Revolution

A defining feature of the MO-77 Sofa is its ingenious use of tubular polished steel. This material choice was groundbreaking; Marcel Olsen harnessed the strength and aesthetics of tubular steel to create a piece that defied convention.

Tubular steel, a material with humble industrial origins, has undergone a remarkable evolution to become a cornerstone of modern furniture design.

Characteristics of Tubular Polished Steel

Strength and Durability

Tubular steel’s inherent strength and durability make it exceptionally suited for furniture construction. It can withstand significant loads without warping or deteriorating, ensuring that furniture crafted from this material lasts for generations.

Aesthetic Appeal

Tubular polished steel’s sleek and shiny surface adds a touch of industrial elegance to furniture pieces. Its metallic lustre complements a range of design styles, from modernist minimalism to more eclectic interior decor. 

The-best-steel-frame-mo-77 sofa
Tubular Steel for MO-77 Sofa


The MO-77 Sofa, designed by Marcel Olsen, is a true masterpiece of modernist furniture design. Its clean lines, minimalist aesthetics, and innovative use of materials exemplify the core principle of form following function.

Tubular polished steel, the material at the heart of this exceptional design, has revolutionised the way we perceive furniture, merging artistry with functionality. This sofa is not just a piece of furniture; it is a reflection of the broader historical context of modernism, breaking free from traditions of the past.

Its enduring legacy lies in its timeless design philosophy of simplicity and functionality, showcasing the enduring power of innovative design in the world of furniture.

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